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Straight Teeth, What should they look like?

September 16, 2013


There is no normal smile because everyone has a different tooth shape, size and bone structure. This is why it is important to assess straight teeth on the basis of 32 adult, healthy, working teeth arranged correctly in the upper and lower jaws.

Do you feel that your understanding of the term “straight teeth” is incomplete? You’re not alone because most people focus on what is visible when you smile and that is usually the front six teeth!

Everybody cannot conform to the ideal or perfect ‘dental arrangement’ because of differences in tooth shape, size, bone structure and racial characteristics. However, aesthetic professionals agree that there is no ‘normal’ because of this variability! When analysed from different viewpoints there are some key features that need to be demonstrated for your orthodontist to be satisfied that your teeth are straight. Here we lay them out for you in plain language.

Straight teeth - What should it look like when viewed from the front?In the diagram, the midline (the dashed blue line) between the two middle upper and lower front teeth should coincide. Preferably this dental midline should coincide with the center-line of the face.

All the teeth that appear in aesthetic zone (green box) should be in a balanced relationship with each other.

Your biting edges of the teeth need not be straight, it is perfectly natural for your teeth to form a contoured pattern, such as illustrated by the red line.